Home Handyman Sydney

Home Handyman Sydney

Our home handyman Sydney service covers small and large home repairs as well as bathroom renovations and home remodeling. We also provide home handyman outdoor services such as building pergolas, tiling, cement work and more. We years of experience and understand what it takes to keep our customer happy; the work done right, a great price, a friendly approach and cleaning up after ourselves once the job is done!

We take pride in our home handyman service with every single customer, because we understand when 1 person is happy, word spreads and that’s the best thing for our business. So get in touch today for a free quote!

Home Handyman Services

Handyman Home Repairs

Damaged Plaster Walls – if you have holes in your walls we are able to fill the gap, paint it and restore it back to normal in no time.

Door Repairs – Doors can be broken due to intruders, or other things, we are able to either repair the door if it is a small issue or we can measure and quote a brand new door.

Window Repairs / installation – If you have a broken window and are looking for a cheap way to have it fixed asap, we can assist. We have contacts in the industry which allows us to get the glass cheap and pass the saving on to you. We can also install new windows / replace old windows, if you’re looking for a more modern look or if you want thicker glass to block out noise.

Home Handyman Outdoor

Pergolas repair / installation – If your outdoor home area requires some shade / protection from sun or rain or you want to maximise on your home’s living space we provide pergola installations

Carport repair / installation – Have you got an old rusty carport which needs replacement or an upgrade? We provide an installation / construction of a number of different carports to suit your needs.

Garden / Landscaping – We can reconstruct your whole garden, or add something like a footpath to allow easy access or to avoid foot traffic on the grass.

Fence RepairWe repair wood fences as well as colorbond fences. We also install brand new fences or even replace sections of fences.

Small Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Tiling – Tiles can bring a whole new look to the bathroom even if you keep most of the vanities. We have a massive choice of bathroom tiles, or you can choose your own and we will do the hard work for you.

Bathroom Toilet Installation / Replacement – If your toilet is broken and requires repairs or replacement we can help you choose the right toilet for your bathroom and install it in no time.

Bath Installation / Replacement – If you are considering getting rid of the old bath, and replacing it with something a little more modern or bigger / smaller size to suit the bathroom, we can help you with the choice of the bath and install it for you. We can also get rid of the old bath for you!